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We are blushing


The Bella Boutique Spa and Trina Holland voted Best Waxing: “Even those with sensitive skin leave without red splotches – or stray hairs.”


ALLURE (2010)

We're not usually one for cutesy names, but we decided to overlook the fact that this small suburban salon calls its Brazilian "The Martini Delight." That said, we also chickened out at the salon and switched to a regular wax, fearing that pregnancy had left our skin too sensitive for a marathon session. Holland, a waxing veteran didn't mind the switch and got to work with a hard wax she promised would be as gentle as possible. She whisked the hairs away so quickly that we steeled yourself for the worst -- but it hardly hurt! No damage to our skin, no redness, and no ingrown hairs? If we weren't about to have a baby, we'd certainly drink to that!

ALLURE (2010)

Happily Trina was nominated for the 2nd time in one year as the best!

 Trina Holland was voted best wax in Boston in 2009. She was admired by an undercover reporter from the magazine for her technique and "easy on sensitive skin" waxing. 


INSTYLE (2009)

Instyle Magazine 2009 Beauty Award winner for Boston. Newbies to Brazilian waxes should know that the staff members at this cozy spa are masters at making your first time going bare comfortable. Technicians work in small sections and don't allow wax to cool - often the source of the sting. As a result, clients say they provide "the best brazilian ever" and "you'll never be afraid of waxing again."



Likable as Trina Holland is, you'd think twice about meeting her in a dark alley. Focused, renlentless, whip quick seemingly easy going owner of The Bella Boutique Spa harbors serious ninja skills. As it happens, that makes for outstanding hair removal technique; Armed with hard wax (sticks to hair, not skin) and chitchat, the Bella Boutique girls strip clients smooth in a near-painless flash. While everything from furry brows, to fuzzy toes is fair game, first-time bikini and brazilian waxes are a specialty. Newbies never know what hit 'em.


"Voters named The Bella Boutique Spa the Best Waxing in the Boston area for 2014. To determine the winner, voters had more than 20 nominees to choose from. Congratulations to The Bella Boutique Spa!"


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