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Please note: All waxing prices are subject to adjustment based on amount and thickness of hair to be removed.


Important things to know before your waxing appointment:


  • We ask that you kindly shower before your service.

  • Please do not trim, shave or buzz the area as sometimes this can shorten the length of the hair and the results won't be as perfect as we would like. 

  • Make sure the length of the hair is at least 1/2 inch long or 3-4 weeks of growth from last shave, buzz, or waxing date.

  • Taking care of your bikini or any waxing area prior and post treatment makes a big difference in preventing those nasty ingrown hairs.

  • Another important step to know is never tan or go tanning prior or post waxing treatment as it will sensitize the skin and will cause burning. 

  • You cannot get waxed in any area if you are taking Accutane.

  • Please take time to let you esthetician know if you are on Retin A or any face medication that can cause serious irritation or in some cases burning.

  • No workouts are usually recommended for 24 hours after treatment as it can clog the pores causing white bumps.


For best results after your waxing appointment:

  • To avoid bumps and/or ingrown hairs, and make a clean wax last, there are a few things you can do: We recommend applying Min New York Solution (salicylic acid) daily for 2-3 weeks after your waxing service. This is great combined with a gentle exfoliant such as a loofah, when used with caution in the shower with soapy water.

  • Do not exercise or go in the sun after your waxing service as the skin will have increased sensitivity.

  • Don't pick. Please resist the urge as it can cause infection.

  • If concerned about any skin irritations or lesions please contact a doctor. We cannot diagnose any conditions.

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